The Russian

New York Times bestselling author Ben Coes presents The Russian, a novel about a secret CIA program, authorized by the U.S. Supreme Court, granting the CIA authority to operate on American soil

Russian Cover.png



Two leading U.S. politicians are assassinated on the same night, within moments of each other. In response, the U.S. Supreme Court authorizes the CIA to create a covert unit on American soil, an “exfoliation team” with pre-emptive presidential pardons and license to hunt down and kill those responsible. Ex-Navy SEAL Rob Tacoma is one of two men selected for the Top Secret team, but when his partner is murdered, Tacoma must fight alone against an enemy with its tentacles into the highest reaches of government and a seemingly endless capacity for violence. Tacoma embarks on a bold mission that takes him to the heart of it all, Russia, and then back to America, hunting the monster behind it all, a mysterious figure known only as, The Russian.